K’Bu Senior Staff Unhappy

Charles Ofei unveiling the logo of the Association

The newly-formed Senior Staff Association of the Korle Bu Teaching Hospital (KBTH) has raised concerns over the management of the nation’s premier health facility.

The interim President of the association, Charles Ofei, said, ‘For more than two years now, the hospital’s leadership has been left in limbo.’

This, he added, was evident in the fact that they have had series of Acting Chief Executives and caretakers without a substantive one in place to steer the affairs of the hospital.

He made the observation at the launch of the Senior Staff Association in Accra on Wednesday.

Senior members of the hospital were not happy with the trend since they were of the opinion that ‘it does not augur well for strategic planning of the hospital.’

Present were members of various workers’ unions and sister associations who brought solidarity messages.

They called on authorities to expedite action in addressing what they referred to as ‘the governance challenges’ facing the hospital.

The concerns, they said, ‘Must be addressed urgently without further delays.’

The President, therefore, stressed on the belief that the formation of the group was the beginning of the active participation of staff in decisions that affect the future and progress of the hospital, saying, ‘I am happy to be part of this process of change in Ghana’s premier hospital.’

The aims and objectives of the association among others is ‘to promote the greatest measure of cooperation between KBTH as an employer and the association in matters affecting the hospital and staff with a view to increasing productivity.’

It also seeks to ‘assist the hospital with useful information and suggestions that will facilitate and enhance the smooth running of the hospital whilst it also seeks and promotes the general welfare of staff of the hospital and to provide them with social and recreational facilities.’

According to Mr Ofei, ‘There are several state institutions and hospitals that have conditions of service for their staff members but there is nothing of that sort for senior staff in Korle Bu except an insignificant number of management staffs who have clearly defined service conditions.’

Meanwhile, he said, ‘In spite of the hard work put in by sub-BMC heads, they cannot point to anything like conditions of service’ insisting that it was unacceptable and must cease forthwith.

The interim President had, therefore, set up a committee to look at the conditions of service documents of other hospitals and institutions ‘so that we can come out with one which we will propose to the hospital administration for adoption and implementation.’

 By Charles Takyi-Boadu

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