Albinism Does Not Cause Blindness In Children—Vodafone Healthline Doctor

Doctors for Vodafone Ghana’s award winning television programme, Healthline say there is no truth to the assertion that Albinism can lead to blindness among children. According to the doctors it could rather cause ‘low vision’ or reduced vision but not blindness.

Discussing myths and superstitions on Albinism, the doctors also said it was not true that albinism results in complete lack of pigment. They explained people with albinism have some form of melanin and may tan slightly.

The doctors advised maximum exposure to morning sunlight as it helps the skin to produce Vitamin D, an effective remedy for skin cancer.

The doctors threw more light on the subject ‘Skin’ in last week’s episode of HealthLine which was aired on TV3 and UTV. The episode is also available on Ghana.

HealthLine, an initiative by telecom operator, Vodafone Ghana, is aimed at educating and empowering Ghanaians to take control of their health and improving the dissemination of healthcare information in the country. The show is aired on Sunday on TV3 and on Wednesdays on UTV.

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