5 Reasons Marriage Is Far Better Than Shacking Up

article-2012113228420131321000Shacking up is not the same as being married. Some think the only difference is a piece of paper. But that piece of paper holds a lot of weight. It is proof that you are bound together legally and God recognizes the union. Below are five reasons marriage is better than shacking.

  1. God ordains marriage not shacking. Marriage is a covenant between you, your spouse and Him. When you face problems in  your marriage, and you will, you are able to pray about the situation and God will answer because He is for marriage. The marriage covenant holds you accountable to each other. During the rough patches in your marriage, remembering your vows can encourage you to work on the relationship.
  1. You’re more likely to work harder on the marriage because there are legal and financial consequences if you separate. Once you’re married you won’t be so quick to leave the relationship when you hit a rough patch. Instead you will be compelled to work out the differences that arise.
  1. You are emotionally comfortable. You can rest knowing that your spouse loved you enough to take the step to marry you. One felt strongly enough to propose and the other felt strongly enough to accept. You put your faith in each other to satisfy each other’s needs for the rest of your lives. That is saying a lot.
  1. You have someone who has your back. You can rest assured that your spouse has your best interests in mind. If you are just shacking, you really don’t have that security because someone could ask for their door key at any time.
  1. There is financial gain in marriage. During tax time there are more benefits for married couples than for singles. Also in a marriage you are more likely to share income whereas shacking couples may wish to maintain their own separate accounts.

 If you are in a relationship and want to wake up to your significant other daily, consider marriage rather than shacking. If you are not ready to commit to marriage, I feel you should live separately until you are ready for the commitment