US Trade Delegation To Visit Ghana

Penny Pritzker
U.S. Secretary of Commerce, Penny Pritzker, is to lead 20 US companies on an Energy Business Development trade mission to Ghana and other West African countries.

The mission, expected to promote U.S. exports and expand U.S. companies’ presence in Africa by helping American firms launch or increase their business in the energy sector, will visit Ghana and Nigeria from May 18-23, 2014.

‘The fast-growing economies in Africa are high priority for the Obama administration and the Department of Commerce,’ said Penny Pritzker.

She added that ‘there is tremendous potential for U.S. companies to sell their goods and services in countries like Ghana and Nigeria, which have energy needs that our firms have the goods, services, and expertise to address. Expanding trade and investment is a critical tool for economic growth and job creation in the U.S and trade missions like this one are one way to help grow U.S. exports.’

In the coming months, the Department’s International Trade Administration will more than double its presence in Africa, opening their first-ever offices in Angola, Tanzania, Ethiopia and Mozambique.

At the same time, offices in Kenya, Ghana, Morocco, and Libya will also be expanded.

With such critical investments, the Department of Commerce, will be able to increase assistance to U.S. businesses exploring markets in Africa, and help them sell their goods and services in even more places around the world.

‘As U.S. companies look to ship more goods to the continent, help increase electrical capacity, or help improve transportation networks, they will receive assistance and expertise from these new offices and expanded Foreign Commercial Service staff,’ said Secretary Pritzker.

The President approved the Presidential Policy Directive (PPD) on Sub-Saharan Africa on June 14, 2012, which has become known as the U.S. Strategy Towards Sub-Saharan Africa.

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