My Son Is Fond Of p****graphy, How Do I React? [Advice Needed]

Some time ago, I borrowed a mobile phone from my 18-year-old son. By accident (and I mean by accident, I didn’t have any intentions to look into his private folders), I stumbled upon his Internet search history. I was confused by the amount of P0*n site addresses he has entered!


This week, I needed to use his computer to search for something, and, again, stumbled on his activity because he forgot to close all the tabs. It was a rather disturbing graphic content.

I understand that we live at a time when our children cannot be protected from all the information that is being made public on the Internet. But, as a parent, how should I react to the fact that my son watches too much p****graphy? This might affect his s*xual behaviour in the future. How do talk to him? Should I, at all? Should I talk to my wife (his mother) about the issue?