Kadenten residents allege police brutality

Residents of Kadenten in the Kete Krachi District of the Volta, have accused the police of brutally assaulting them and shooting one person in the arm.

According to the residents, the police stormed the area a week ago to demand why there was so much noise in the area.

But the residents said an explanation that the noise could be as a result of the Easter festivities did not satisfy the police personnel, triggering a row.

According to Yaw Isaac Dompreh, an alleged victim of the police brutality, one of the policemen shot at a close range, injuring one of the residents in his left arm. 

The residents are therefore asking authorities to call the police to order or sanction them for violating the law.

But Volta regional Police Commander, ACP Peterkin Yentumi Gyinae has denied the claims.

According to him, the residents rather pelted stones at the police, when they went to the town to make an arrest.

“The stories they are telling you…are absolute lies”, ACP Yentumi insisted.

According to him a fetish priest in the area had come to the police to lodge a complaint that while trying to install a chief, a group of people, who did not agree with his action attacked him.

He said the police were in the town to make an arrest of the alleged attackers of the chief priest.

“I was told there was a shot, but it was not a gun. It was a rubber bullet that was fired at somebody. He (victim) was even hospitalized. So, police actually went there to make an arrest”, he explained.

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