Danger at Takoradi Jubilee Park

Users of the Golden Jubilee Park at West Tanokrom in Takoradi have expressed serious safety concerns about the park  and described it as a disaster waiting to happen.

The Sekondi/Takoradi Metropolitan Assembly (STMA), the manager of the park, which was built in 2007 at a cost of GH¢450,000, has sublet  it to a private developer, who has erected a wall, thereby reducing the size of the park.

The developer  used broken bottles and glasses as burglary proof on the erected wall, which, users say, is a serious breach of safety.

Also, the park is sandwiched between an LPG station and a fuel pumping station and it would be difficult to carry out safe evacuation in case of an emergency.

An area designated as a car park during  festive occasions has been  converted into an enclosure for donkeys.

As a result, during the ceremony to celebrate the country’s independence day this year, participants had to  park their buses and cars on the streets. The fear factor

To keep the park active, the managers occasionally rent the place for musical programmes, church crusades and general meetings.

In view of the broken glasses and bottles on top of the walls, and the liquefied petroleum gas sales point and a fuel filling station by the spark, the public  raised questions about  their safety  in case of any emergency.

One Ernest Owusu said, “In case of any emergency we cannot scale the wall because it has broken bottles on top of it and it is not good for private developers to take over  state facilities and do whatever they like.”

He called on the assembly to reverse the lease and make sure that the park was reserved for national assignments and public programmes. Visit

When the Daily Graphic visited the park, it found that part of the park was being used  as a fitting shop and a, “trotro” station. The compound  has been invaded by herbal medicine sellers, and has become  a thoroughfare for taxis and the public use it as a dumping ground.

 Various cubicles on one part of the structure meant for studios and press stands  during programmes have been turned into bedrooms and store rooms .

Parts of the T&G ceiling at the dais have been  removed, revealing the roofing sheets.  Fittings and sockets  have been destroyed.   Middle of the park

The middle of the park has a big trench, as parts of the drainage system that passes under the park has caved in and the manager of the park – STMA has  used some plastic boards to cover it.

Other parts of the park looked  dirty; weeds have engulfed it and  the drains are being used for defaecation, with a  Zoomlion container on one side serving as a public dump site. STMA

When the Daily Graphic contacted the STMA,  an official, Mr Ampomah Mensah, deplored the situation and gave the  assurance that the assembly would follow up on the issues and make sure they were rectified.

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