Cancer Expert To Educate Men

Raphael Obu (second left) in a group picture with representatives from the Central University College, where he recently delivered a lecture on prostate cancer

Raphael Obu, a Sheffield Hallam University, UK prostate cancer graduate, has started a campaign to use his knowledge and expertise to educate and intensify awareness on prostate health for Ghanaian men.

In an interview with the DAILY GUIDE, he said his campaign was driven by the confusion in the managements and diagnosis of prostate problem.

His educational campaign would take him to schools, churches, corporate offices and organised associations where men’s prostate health is taken seriously.

‘The differences between enlarged prostate-prostatitis and prostate cancer is also confusing patients and because they all exhibit the same urinary symptoms. Many centres think that the management of prostate disease is the same which is wrong,’ he told the paper.

He said the management of prostate cancer depends upon the stage of the cancer, charging men to ask question for every treatments option they are receiving and their stage of the cancer, this, he added, would curb the high mortality rates prostate cancer had caused among men.

‘I will educate men on the right treatments options for prostate cancer and also the use of catheters, complementary and alternatives therapies to improve their quality of life and rates of survival. Women will not be left out in his campaigns because prostate cancer also affects women in two spheres; prostate cancer affects their men sex life and their  men will also be battling for their life’s and according to research, married men are likely to survive prostate cancer than unmarried men,’ he explained.

He told DAILY GUIDE that the prostate gland is the powerhouse of everyman, ‘The nerves that help in erection surrounds the prostate and during surgery, some of the nerves can get damaged leaving men impotent.’

Raphael Obu is the founder of Men’s Health Foundation Ghana and the CEO of the De Men’s Clinic & Prostate Research Lab in Dodowa.

He authored the first book on prostate health titled: What Everyman Must Know Before and After 40 years to educate the men on prostate health.  The book is a straight talk for Black men, African-American men and their families. He has written over 30 articles on prostate cancer and has 10 academic papers on prostate cancer.

From a humble beginning in Dodowa, Raphael Obu has become one of the country’s finest experts on prostate cancer and cancer psychology. Raphael Obu also participated in naturopathic education sponsored by the University of Bridgeport College of Chiropractic and College of Naturopathic Medicine.

He is also a registered naturopathic doctor by the Traditional and Alternative Medicine Practice Council (TMPC), Ghana.

Prostate cancer is a chronic disease that is estimated to kill a third of black men in their middle ages. According to experts, the disease needs a team of multidisciplinary approach to manage. As a naturopath, Mr Obu advises all herbal practitioners managing prostate problems to collaborate with experts in the field of urology to enable them to refer complex cases.


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