SHOCKING: Elderly Man Knocked Out On A Train Caught On Tape

Shocking video reveals how a fight between two men in the subway leads to one being knocked out and sent to the hospital for treatment.

Watch video:

An elderly man was sent unconscious in London Subway caught on a video went viral on the Internet.

The incident happened at the underground station, Aldgate, East London, this Monday.

The leading investigator of the case is Detective Constable Lawrence Murphy. According to him: “At 9.20pm onboard a District line train, a physical altercation occurred between two men which resulted in a fight which left a man requiring hospital treatment.”

The video reveals that what has started as a quarrel and a small fight, apparently started by that elderly man, lead to a predictable outcome. The man, that was first under attack, for reasons not revealed just yet, got very angry and began fighting back pretty fiercely. A kick in the head knocked out that elderly man and the passengers had to call for ambulance to make sure he will be treated well.

A man who took the video was sitting right in front of the event.

The detective urged all the people that witnessed the event to help them find the person on the photo below.


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