HIV Positive Man Intentionally Infects Girlfriend With The Virus

A 31-year-old man who deliberately infected his girlfriend with HIV has been charged with criminal transmission of HIV.


Johanson Little, from Chicago who dated his victim for a year from June 2012 until June 2013 had apparently lied to her about his status and also told her that his late wife died of ovarian cancer when she actually died of AIDS.

His ex-girlfriend, who went for a HIV test, eight months after their relationship ended after finding out from his late wife’s family the cause of her death tested positive for HIV.

Upon discovering this information, the victim confronted Little, who had been HIV positive since 2003, according to prosecutors who then confessed that he was aware of his HIV positive status when they had sex.

The woman, however, was certain her ex-boyfriend infected her as she had alleged that she did not have sexual intercourse with anyone else apart from him either during/after their relationship.

The Judge ordered Johanson Little’s bail be set at $750,000.

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