Appearance Of Mysterious Fetish Pot Causes Commotion At Benue Government House


There was panic among staff and security personnel on Tuesday after a mysterious pot containing fetish things was spotted at the Benue State Government House roundabout in Makurdi.

According to sources, the pot which contained palm oil, pork meat and something that looked like red kola nut was seen as early as 4am and it is believed it may have been dropped there during the wee hours.

When news of the mysterious pot got to the government house, most of the staff were said to have locked themselves in, the governor’s personal aides reportedly refused to come out of their offices.

Even security men attached to the government house moved away from their original spot on sighting the pot.

Why the pot was deposited at that spot or who deposited it is yet unknown

It is not clear if the pot has anything to do with politics but people are already insinuating it may not be unconnected to the governorship race in the state for the 2015 general elections.

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