Sambisa Forest: Chibok Official Tells FG How To End Boko Haram Insurgency

Photo: Army in search of abducted girlsAn official from Borno State town Chibok, in which hundreds of school girls were abducted by suspected Boko Haram terrorists in the night of April 14, urged the Federal Government to destroy the notorious Sambisa Forest used by insurgents as a den.

House of Representatives member Peter Biyo considers it the only way to drive Boko Haram members away from the area, Punch reports.

According to him, wild animals that used to live in the forest ran away to some other places when the shootings started and now insurgents can easily hide there.

“If you are in the forest you can only see the next person by your side if you have a torchlight. If not, you can’t see anything… People can comfortably hide in the Sambisa forest if not the soldiers would have fished them out.”

Stating this, Biyo advised Nigerian authorities to demolish the forest and “the problem of insurgency will end”.

However, he stated that it is “a Herculean task because it would consume half of the budget in Nigeria”.

It would be recalled that more than 200 girls were abducted from Governmental Girls’ Secondary School in Chibok on April 14. Some of them managed to escape but the majority are still missing. According  to the information recently provided from the locals insurgents started relocating the children as a result of military combing the forest.

Chibok youth leader claimed in the inverview that Boko Haram might have divided the girls into groups and taken them to the neighboring countries.


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