Oliseh: Poor planning is Africa’s WC problem

Former Nigeria captain Sunday Oliseh says that the time has come for a team from Africa to win the Fifa World Cup.

In a chat with CNN’s Human to Hero series, Oliseh said that in the past poor preparation and planning have played a big part as to why teams from Africa have not gone further than the quarter-finals in the World showpiece.

“I think an African country will eventually win the World Cup. What is lacking now, it’s simple to say … what is wrong is that we don’t plan well. We leave the planning ‘until it is too late,” Oliseh said.

“Africans need to learn how to start pressurizing the opponents. Football has changed now. It’s no longer football where you pick individuals and expect them to do well.

“Now it’s more about team work, team dynamics, team schemes, things that are planned out like how to look at the opponent, how to bring about antidotes to the opponent’s playing star.

“When it comes to physical strength and bursts of speed, you can’t beat an African. But what is lacking now is just that technical and tactical know-how. Then we’ll get it,” he added.

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