Delayed Ministerial Reshuffle

Following the inertia generated as a result of the eight long months of the novel election petition engineered by three leading members of opposition NPP, it was widely expected that President Mahama would introduce some changes after the verdict of August 29, 2013 in order to bring freshness into his administration.

But alas, that was not to be, almost eight months after the Supreme Court gave legality to his election as President. This is in spite of the fact it has become glaring to Ghanaians that some of the president’s appointees don’t qualify to be where they are.

Not even an indictment of some of his functionaries by no mean a person than his party’s founder and former president, Jerry John Rawlings will make president Mahama budge.

Indeed, the media has since the election petition judgment reported on several occasions about the dates of the impending reshuffle and names of appointees likely to go home and those to make their way into government; yet it never happened.

Amazingly, almost a year and half into the Mahama government only two out of the about 40 expected ambassadors have duly been posted whiles some district Assemblies are still without substantive Chief Executives.

Ominously, a considerable number of public corporations and institutions are without board of directors and is some cases; some are without substantive Chief Executives.

And this has left tongues wagging, wondering if a President so desirous of another opportunity will allow critical state institutions and government agencies to operate for such a long period without boards or chief executives.