The Top 3 Reasons Why Men Should Still Pay for Dinner on a Date

article-2014372018291109000Here are my top three reasons:

  1. Men like the chase. Just about every man I’ve talked to has admitted that they want to be the one to chase the woman. That’s how they’re programmed. This doesn’t mean that as women we have to play games with a guy when we know he’s interested, but it does mean that we need to allow him to make the move that will confirm his interest in you. You won’t have to guess whether he is or not: he’ll make it plain.
  1. It will show you whether or not this man has the ability or the desire to provide for you. A first date is a first date—don’t start planning your wedding just because he’s taking you out to dinner. However, I believe that with all relationships, the first impression is usually the most important. If he’s not willing to pay for your dinner—or worse yet, acts like he forgot his wallet—what does that say about his potential to help provide for your family if the relationship were to go any further?
  1. I still believe in chivalry. A good friend of mine, who’s very much a Southern gentleman, has demonstrated to me time and time again that chivalry is not dead. He still opens car doors, pulls out chairs, andalways takes the check. Especially for those of us who are used to being “independent women,” it feels good to be taken care of every now and then.