Save Ghana Now! All Nkrumaists And Senior Comrades—Lucy Anin

This task can only be achieved by all those who are truly imbued with a clear understanding of Nkrumaism and are willing and able to make the needed sacrifices but not follow people who are using Nkrumah’s name and at the same time stabbings his back.

If indeed we are all Nkrumaists, then there should be no difficulty in working together to liberate the people of Ghana from the clutches of poverty and despair.

This is a Clarion call to all Nkrumaists, Senior Comrades, Patriotic sons and daughters of Ghana wherever you may be, please come and join the Convention People’s Party (CPP) to save Ghana now!

The Trojan horses in the CPP must not be given a space in our midst lest they continue to destroy the Party from within.

The time to build the Party is Now! We cannot afford to delay any longer. The Ghanaian masses are hungry and in a state of hopelessness.

We can and must struggle to end the neo-colonial destruction of Ghana Now!

Long Live Ghana
Long Live CPP
Lucy Anin
(Former MP) Dr. Kwame Nkrumah’s Regime

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