PHOTOS: Ronaldo, Messi And Many Other Sport Stars When They Were Kids

Today you will hardly meet a person who has not seen these world famous sportsmen (unless one has spent some 10 years on the North Pole). 

Their names have already become synonyms to the notion “success”, but it has not been always like that. Years back they were ordinary kids with their big dreams and fantastic plans… which luckily came true.

1. Ronaldinho – Brazilian football player, used to play for Paris Saint-Germain, Barcelona, Milan. Numerous awards winner famous for his unique style of playing.
Photo: Ronaldinho 

2. Lionel Messi – forward of the Spanish FC Barcelona. Commonly called one of the greatest modern footballers and… by many – of all times.

 Photo: Lionel Messi

3. LeBron James – prolific American basketball player, who has received many professional NBA awards and also became one of the most influential and popular athletes in the USA due to signing numerous endorsement deals.

Photo: LeBron James

4. David Beckham – this already retired English footballer has successfully marked his presence in various fields of business and entertainment: coaching, advertising, fashion, charity, etc.

Photo: David Beckham

5. Rafael Nadal – 27-year-old professional Spanish tennis player. He is one of the two players in history, who have won at least 2 Grand Slam titles on three different surfaces – hard court, grass, clay.

Photo: Raphael Nadal

6. Neymar – Brazilian footballer playing for the victorious FC Barcelona. Ronaldinho once stated that Neymar, who is only 22 but already a club star, will be “the best in the world”.

Photo: Neymar

7. Tiger Woods – officially World Number 1 golfer, record-breaker and one of the highest-paid athletes for several years in a row.

Photo: Tiger Woods

8. Cristiano Ronaldo – Portuguese fotballer currently playing for Real Madrid. Undoubtedly on the first positions of almost all world football rankings. Ronaldo also has his own clothes line called “CR7”.

Photo: Cristiano Ronaldo

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