Must Read – Real Women Reveal their Secrets to Look and Feel Sexy

article-201441135174919069000Irrespective of age, profession or lifestyle, every woman wants to look attractive and sexy every single day. How far women can go to get the look they desire is a well-known fact. But is there a rule book, really? Or a set definition to what makes a woman look sexy? It changes from woman to woman, because what looks good on one, might not on another. However, one thing remains common- you look good, if you feel good from within. Don’t believe us? Read what some of our regular readers have to say. They shared with us little tricks and secrets that they totally swear by to feel and look sexy.

#1. Feeling it from within

“You do not necessarily have to go on a romantic holiday to splurge on the hottest lingerie. When I buy new styles of lingerie and try them on, I feel awesome! And even though it is something that I am not showing off to the world, it still makes me feel amazing about myself,” says Smita Thakur, mother of two.

#2. Sensuous Scents

Software professional, Juhi Sharma, shares, “I am a perfume addict. I believe that I feel amazing when I know that I smell great, and I guess that reflects in my overall look as well. So for me, wearing my favourite perfume is like an instant recharge.”

#3. Be a princess

“Nothing can beat the instant feel-good factor that spa treatments have! When I want to look good, I drop by my favourite spa to get a full body massage and sauna bath. And voila! I feel like a princess, and I believe I look like one too, given my husband’s reactions,” reveals homemaker Shikha Gupta.

#4. Colour it up!

“I know it sounds a little vain and superficial, but I love wearing makeup and colouring my hair. I usually go for temporary highlights, and trust me, whenever I get them done, I feel on top of the world,” says Anju Mehta, a student.

#5. Soak in some pampering

“I know that baths sound very “everyday”, but trust me, you can make a bath a lot more ‘feel good’ just with a few additions. For instance, I prepare a bubble bath, with bath oils and salts, and soak in until I feel relaxed and refreshed. It is incredible how great I feel after this,” shares Kavita Sanghvi, a medical professional.

#6. High above

“This is something that even my friends agree with. Whenever I wear high heels, my confidence level goes up, and I smile a lot more! Heels just assure me that my outfit looks great too,” says psychologist Neeta Khanna.

#7. Go short

Kinjal Joshi, a designer, shares, “I have tried this trick several times, and it works each time! Thankfully, I have well-toned legs, so I can wear short skirts or dresses confidently. Short outfits make me feel really good about myself; they do have that sexy charm attached, I guess.”

#8. Miss pretty feet

“I always know I will definitely feel amazing after a nice pedicure session. The foot scrub, massage, and nail paint, make me fall in love with myself. Rarely do women realise that most men notice their feet too, so well-groomed feet are a must,” says Kriti Shah, who works as an architect.

#9. The perfect pout

“I love lip colours. But I feel extra good about the way I look when I wear a shiny gloss! It just goes with any look, any outfit and any occasion. My lip gloss assures me that I don’t need any makeup or any other trick to look great,” reveals software engineer Madhu Singh.

#10. Eye of all attraction

“For me it is all about the eyes. I know I look great when I play with my eye makeup, and I am confident it will never let me down,” says beautician Riya Kapoor.

We have just revealed the top ten “feel good” secrets of real women to you. Planning to try any of these anytime soon? Don’t forget to share your experiences with us.