Melissa Satta and Kevin Prince Boateng spends time with newly-born Maddox

Schalke ace Kevin-Prince Boateng has posted on Twitter a selfie from his home in Dusseldorf.

In the shot you can also see the beautiful Melissa Satta sitting at the table and the little Prince Maddox lying comfortably in his seat.

The Ghana international and his fiancée are enjoying their new life with the arrival of a new member of the family who was born two weeks ago.>

Melissa is back as well to post on Instagram its famous selfie in the mirror. Despite having recently given birth, she boasts a fit physique.

She never stopped doing physical activities, even in pregnancy , following Pilates classes suitable for pregnant women.

So here she is beautiful with beige jersey, jeans, sneakers and yellow sunglasses. put this choice to bring Maddox to his first football game .

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