For Ladies – 5 Dating Rules You Should Always Follow

images (7)Being in the dating game can be daunting for any woman. You may have been dating for some time via a number of different methods such as online dating or through mutual friends. Or you may have dated through a hobby group, or you may even be new to the dating scene altogether whether that is due to the break up of a long term relationship, divorce or widowhood.

All women have different reasons for dating. There are some who simply want to have a bit of fun and just get out and meet someone new, or there are some females that have a more serious approach who want to date to meet the man of their dreams.

There are certain factors that come together that can make dating much more fun and worthwhile. Regardless of your reasons for dating or what you want to get out of dating, we’ve provided just a few tips and what we believe are dating rules for women that may help you in your dating journey.

5 Dating Rules for Women

1. Work on Your Own Self Esteem

First and foremost women should have a good sense of self whereby you are confident within yourself before you meet a potential partner. Having your own ideas, life, hobbies and interests creates the person you are.

If the date is important to you, make sure before entering it you know what you want. Instead of focusing on whether he will like you, whether you like him is more important! If he is not for you romantically he might make a great friend however you need to know that whatever decision you make is right for YOU.

Esteem is something we earn by getting out there and living a full life as a single person before we consider meeting a life partner. This is definitely one of those essential dating rules for women not to forget!

It is about our friends, our chosen career, or interests we have a passion for. These are the things that make us individual to who we are and it also makes us more interesting. Don’t put yourself down and stay true to who you are.

2. Keep the Baggage at Home
Everyone has baggage of some sort or emotional issues in their life. This is normal. Many people are going through rough times -such is life! Most people have been hurt in some way or another and all of us have ex partners that we feel emotional about.

You just need to ensure that while you’re dating to keep the discussions to conversational safe topics –no matter how much you may be tempted to bring up some negatives of the past.

Think of the law of attraction. People like to be around positive people. If you’re feeling down and negative, that is what you are going to attract. On the contrary, if you are positive and outgoing, that is exactly what you are going to attract back.

No one likes to be around negative people and as you can imagine it would be hugely off putting while on a date so try to definitely steer clear of going down this path.

3. Where To Find Quality Men To Date
You always hear of those stories of a friend of a friend who met her dream husband in a pub. Look at Mary Crown Princess of Denmark who met Frederik Crown Prince of Denmark (heir to the throne of Denmark) who met in a pub in Australia. Four children later and living happily ever after, you could say this is a great reason that you too could also meet your future prince in a pub! Unfortunately this is certainly not the norm and we would very much recommend other alternatives to meeting your future beau.

Start with your own interests. If you love art and are creative and desire the same sort of partner go to art shows, join groups and take a class as there will be like minded males there too. If you are sporty and like to play a specific sport, join your local club and get to know the other locals who share the same passion.

The other way to look at finding quality men to date is approaching it in a completely different way. Start with yourself.

If you have everything working out great in your life i.e You are financially secure, you are physically fit and healthy, you are happy and confident within yourself, then you will naturally attract men and they will come to you! This is absolutely the best approach and you will be surprised and how powerful it really is.

4. On the date –who pays?
Offer to pay for half the bill on a first date. After that, the general rule of thumb is that the person that invites pays the bill. This obviously doesn’t happen in all cases, and you may find a man who continuously wants to pay the bill (if you’re lucky!) Don’t put your prospective date on the spot.

Men do enjoy independent women and there will be plenty of times ahead where he can spoil you, if you both hit it off. Also while on the date, make sure that you don’t consume too much alcohol (especially on the first date) and keep a clear head as first impressions count.

5. Keep the Conversation Going
Don’t be afraid that there will be awkward pauses in the conversation. Ask questions and be interested in him. Take the focus off you. He will love that you find him so interesting. It also gives you a chance to get to know him better. Don’t interrogate him, just ask easy-going questions.

Dating can be stressful but don’t take yourself too seriously and don’t forget to laugh. Make sure that you stay confident and stay true to yourself. Don’t dress overtly sexy unless it is s*x you are after. If you want him to take you a little more seriously then dress attractively, but with style.

Dating is not a game. You want to show someone that you are worthy of their respect. At the end of the day, if you don’t respect yourself then neither will they. You ultimately get to make the call how things play out and it needs to be right for you.