Ebola Outbreak Scare Hits East Akyim As Assemblymen Panic

Assembly members of the East Akyim Municipality last week thrown into shock as fear gripped them during a sensitisation forum on the symptoms of the Ebola disease.

The 95 assembly members including the Municipal Chief Executive, Hon Simeon Peter Asirifi, panicked over some of the revelations being symptoms.

The East Akim Municipal Health Director, Dr. Ekow Kaituo, briefed the gathering on the health status of the Municipality, with key focus on the Ebola disease.

He noted that, the Akyem community which is a farming community has been the commuters habits of eating bush meats, which he caution them to desist from it, as it easily causes the wild spread of the Ebola disease.

He further indicates that, the Kyebi community is likely to experience the Ebola virus, due to the bats and bush meats, most of the commuters eat, however, these statements made by the Health Director sent fear and panic down the spines of the assembly members as majority of them who eat bush meat and were afraid of been affected by the Ebola disease.

Many of the members were shocked, as they were asking questions demanding further explanations and education on the Ebola outbreak, which most suspected of been victimized.

However, the Health Director who talks about 2 hours while standing on his feet, advised the members against the consumption of bush wild animals such as; rodents, monkeys, porcupines, and bats which can easily transmit the diseases.

Dr. Kaituo noted that, the Ebola virus has no cure or vaccine for both humans and animals, adding that, the virus can easily kill any human when affected within 21 days.

According to him, symptoms such as; fever, headache, general body pains, vomiting, diarrhea, rashes,, bleeding from parts of the body like eyes, anus and gums are the causes of the Ebola virus, which he cautions them to wash their hands with soaps, under running water and should avoid eating uncooked meats.

He lamented that, the Municipal Health Directorate has embarked on a sensitization exercise within the Municipality to educate the commuters on the Ebola virus by avoiding the wild animal’s meats and proper cooked of meats before eaten.

Dr. Ekow noted there has been wild spread of Rabies, which has kill two people just within this year, which he urged the members to immunized their dogs and pets, when the immunized exercise is been launch to avoid the spreading of the rabies.

Hon Peter Asirifi, the MCE on his behalf urged the members that, the Assembly will support the Health Directorate to carry on such community sanitized exercise to alarmed the public on the Ebola outbreak, adding that, food vendors will also be taken screening exercise to know what to cooked for the public to avoid the virus.

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