Brandies Graduates Tackle Entrepreneurship

The focus of the programme, according to interim president Samuel Kwotuah, is to bring about social interventions while improving the living standards of the citizens.

He said the goal of the programme is to experiment ventures through employing entrepreneurial means to generate profit, which is to be spent for the benefit of local communities as well as influence policies of government.

The project’s concern, Kwotuah said, is the welfare of members and the local community in all facets of life, including careers, education, and health.

‘Our main motive is how many lives we are able to affect with this programme,’ he said.

Dr. William Derban, Director of Financial Inclusion at Fidelity Bank, who was the resource person for the inaugural meeting, reiterated the necessity for a single-minded approach to such a novelty programme.

He stated that the partnership that had been established between the bank and the association intended to tackle one project at a time and to give each a specific time in order to ensure that the programme maintains a sustainable working presence in the community.

Dr. Derban emphasized the need for more organizations to focus on enabling people, through the concept of social entrepreneurship, to provide solutions to their problems while making profit to sustain their businesses.

He said what makes a social enterprise different from a charity is that the former does not offer free money to people but rather initiates a programme that will enable people to generate money and resources for themselves.

‘If you are going to help people you give them the tools to help themselves rather than giving them money, and that is why I think in a country like Ghana we really need to embrace that concept,’ he posited.

He said that such ventures are important because ‘you cannot run a business in this part of the world without having a mind for the social issues. The issues are too big.’

He was hopeful that by the example of the Brandies Graduates’ Association, other businesses will develop a socially-minded approach.’It’s about the business doing good whilst making progress,’ he stressed.

 By Jamila Akweley Okertchiri & Stephanie Miles

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