Labour Analyst Calls For Ceasefire Between Gov’t And Labour

Labour analyst Senyo Adjabeng is calling for a truce between the Ghana Trades Union Congress and government over the state of the economy.

The TUC has launched a scathing attack on successive governments for creating a weak and deformed state unable to provide the basic needs of its citizenry.

The Secretary-General of the Trades Union Congress (TUC), Mr Kofi Asamoah, told a gathering of TUC members in Tema that all the high and low-profile corruption cases in the country are symptoms of a weak and failing state.

He said “The state has become deformed and unable to undertake the simple task of governing. All the high and low-profile corruption cases that have become all too pervasive are symptoms of a weak and failing state”.

But a deputy minister of state Fifi Kwetey has also blamed the TUC’s incessant demands for the country’s economic woes.

Senyo Adjabeng told XYZ News the development sends worrying signals about the trust and cooperation between the two parties.

Mr. Adjabeng said the National Labour Commission can however do very little to improve the strained relations between labour and government.

He hopes both parties will iron out their difference soon.