NPP Urged To Invest In Volta Region

THE VOLTA regional Chairman of the new Patriotic Party (NPP) John Peter Amewu, has passionately appealed to the new national executives of the party to redirect the party’s corporate synergies towards the region, if it is serious about winning the 2016 elections.

According to him, the region could be won over by the party, considering the fact that “our electoral fortunes continue to increase in terms of numbers.”

Mr. Amewu made the appeal when he spoke to Daily Guide recently to congratulate the new executives on their victory.

He said the call was more relevant now because while their opponent, the governing National Democratic Congress (NDC) had been investing more in their weak regions – Eastern and Ashanti – the NPP was still sharing handouts in terms of funds and resources in its strongholds.

As a result, the NPP was making marginal inroads in the Volta Region (NDC’s stronghold) while the NDC was making giant inroads in the Eastern and the Ashanti Regions (strongholds of the NPP). The trend, he said, must change with immediate effect to prevent another failure in capturing power in the 2016 general elections.

He therefore stressed, “Let the visibility of the NPP be redoubled as the NDC is trying to do in the Ashanti and the Eastern Regions. Let us counter them in a balance and zero-sum-game.”

Mr. Amewu hinted that the NDC, appointing a Minister from the northern part of the region, was strategic towards reducing NPP’s presence in those areas. “We must re-strategize”, he reiterated!

He added that the NPP must keep close eyes on the region and map out programmes and strategies to make the party more attractive and appealing in the Volta Region.

He requested Paul Afoko, the new National Chairman and his team to consider giving at least two positions to the region adding that “this will avoid a situation where the region will have a zero representation in the National Executives.”

“Let us diversify the leadership positions to reflect regional representations to dispel perceived impressions.”

He also assured that the party’s foot soldiers in the region were poised to support the agenda of the party.

Mr. John-Peter Amewu, in a congratulatory message, urged the new Executives to champion a crusade of allinclusiveness rooted deeply in unity to wrestle power from the disappointing NDC government.

He also called on all party faithful to unite as one family and stick to the 2016 agenda to ‘knock-off’ the ‘trial-anderror’ governance being exhibited by President John Mahama.

He commended the Executives for the smooth elections and handing-over saying, the two had broadened the frontiers of democracy and governance in Ghana and beyond. He reminded them of the enormity of the task ahead and urged them to “hit the ground running and not even stop to drink water till victory is delivered.”