‘Support Prez Mahama To Develop Country’ – Sheikh Sharubutu

The National Chief Imam, Sheikh Osmanu Nuhu Sharubutu, has asked Ghanaians to support President John Dramani Mahama and his team to move the country’s development projects and programmes forward.

He also urged government officials to come up with innovative ideas to bring about social and economic change.

Sheikh Sharubutu, whose 91st birthday fell last Wednesday, April 23, 2014, made the call through his personal aide, Alhaji Abdul Lateef, in an interview.

Family members and friends of the National Chief Imam have set May 3, 2014, for the celebration of his 91st birthday at Dodowa.
Peaceful co-existence

Sheikh Sharubutu urged Muslims to continue to coexist peacefully with adherents of other religious faiths, saying that it was only through religious tolerance that the country could witness economic and social transformation.

He said the religious intolerance and mayhem exhibited by some people in the name of religion in some countries was against the teachings of Islam.

He again stressed the need for Muslims to tolerate the views of Christians and followers of other religious faiths.

Sheikh Sharubutu asked Muslims to close their ranks and live together as one people with common goals and objectives.

The National Chief Imam warned Muslims not to entertain the intolerant and violent attitude exhibited by some people in the name of religion in some countries.

“It is against the teachings of Islam for Muslims to engage in acts of violence against their brothers or followers of other religious groups,” he stressed.
Chief Imam’s secret

Sheikh Sharubutu told the Daily Graphic that he was still strong at age 91 because he has a clean heart devoid of hatred, jealousy or haughtiness.

He said many diseases of the heart are caused by hatred, jealousy and the disposition to pull people down.

With that knowledge, he said, he always feels strong because he has cleaned his heart of hatred, jealousy and haughtiness.
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