Photo of the Week: The 15-foot python who swallowed five goats

Residents of Kasoa Amanfrom and other communities along the Densu lake are living in fear over persistent attacks on their household animals by huge African pythons.

For the past few months, some residents have had animals such as goats, dogs and chickens killed by these reptiles.

The latest incident occurred at Top town near Kasoa in the Central Region, in which five goats were swallowed in a pen by a 15 foot python .

 Mr Kweku Obeng, a resident said he heard the screaming of the goats about 12midnight but refused to attend to them because he thought they were just fighting .

According to Mr. Obeng, the screaming became louder after two hours which made him suspect something was happening to them.

He went there to find out only to see a very big python coiled in the pen almost the height of the pen. It was full of one fully grown goat and four smaller others.

He shouted for help and mobilized residents to the scene.

The python sensing danger, vomitted its heavy meal in an attempt to escape. But it was killed.

The residents who have built tall fence walls around their houses to prevent the pythons from entering the houses are in total shock. 

The pythons have adopted a new method of  coiling themselves against the fence wall to give them height in order to stretch to enter  homes.

They are worried about the safety and security of their children since they often go the river bank when parents are not around.

The situation has compelled some residents to move out of their homes to perch with friends. 

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