NFF Denies Taking Money From Coaches’ Salaries

General Secretary of NFF, Nigeria Football Federation, Musa Amadu, described all allegations on the fact that its officials share salaries with coaches of National Teams as fake and untrue.

Amadu stated: “I really want the persons vending these scandalous and scurrilous stories go to town with the facts available to them.”

The spokesperson of NFF, Ademola Olajire, commented on Amadu stating that he presided over what was one of the most successful Secretariat of NFF.

The statement released on Thursday stated that Amadu denied all the rumours concerning sharing of money, and stated:

*Musa Amadu

“I want to say without mincing words that nobody in the NFF, not among Members of the Executive Committee, or the Management, or Staff, or the sub-Committees, have been sharing any money with any of our Coaches.”

Amadu also encouraged anyone who is saying they have proof of that to come to town and present the proof. He claimed that all the coaches receive the allowances, salaries and bonuses according to the amount they are supposed to get. The amount of

Personal Income Tax from their payments are paid directly to the Federal Inland Revenue Service and the rest is paid to the individual bank accounts of the coaches. He also added that all the paper confirming that payments are in order and may be presented for anyone to verify.

According to Amadu anyone spreading those rumors wants to derail Nigeria’s 2014 Fifa World Cup plan.

Amadu added that NFF is 100% focused on preparing the team Super Eagles for a great performance at FIFA World Cup finals in Brazil this year. “Nothing can distract us,” Amadu said. 

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