I am Sexually Inactive

TV Presenter and broadcast journalist, Delores Frimpong Manso, popularly known as Delay, has publicly stated that she is not sexually active, having earlier claimed to be a virgin.

“I am sexually inactive. I am not bothered telling you what goes on in my private life,” Delay said during her mid-morning show on Oman FM in Accra on Thursday.

Her claim of being a virgin generated controversy in entertainment circles, with many accusing her of dating high-life musician Daddy Lumba in the past.

Though Delay insisted she was speaking the truth, she was not able to explain why none of her ex-lovers went to bed with her.

Delay was on record to have said on her Delay Talk Show on TV that “I would rather marry a white man than marry Fred Nuamah…he’s a nice guy and everything but hey, I don’t want to marry him.”

She once spoke to ‘News-One’ about her dream man, saying “I love skinny guys someone who has a clean skin with a great taste of fashion. A nice guy with a sexy butt-not too big butts-but they must be sexy and he should be taller than me. He must not be a broke-ass leech who would suck my blood.”

‘News-One’ onetime received photographs of a lanky Spaniard suspected to be the secret lover of Delay.

The photographs were leaked by persons close to her.

The dude is said to own a chain of high-end restaurants in Europe and resides at Trassacco Vally when he travels to Ghana.