Ghana Is A Sovereign State…No Law Forbids Us From Trading With Iran

A member of the Government’s Communication Machinery, Bernard Anim Piesie, has slammed reports that US authorities have launched investigations into the alleged unauthorized landing of a U.S. registered Bombardier Challenger, N604EP on Iranian soil, saying Ghana is sovereign nation that can transact business with Iran irrespective of sanctions between US and Iran.

The aircraft, sporting a US flag and carrying a private Ghanaian business delegation landed at Mehrabab Airport in Tehran last Tuesday allegedly without approval of or prior notification from the US authorities.

The US jet is also said to have touched down on an airport in Zurich and a London airport before arriving in Iran, a country under strict international aviation rules.

The alleged unauthorized landing of the air plane is under investigations by US authorities and Ghana could likely face sanctions should the nation be found in violation of any Western embargo on Iran.

Speaking to the issue on Ghana Decides program on Okay Fm, Bernard Anim Piesie pointed out that irrespective of the fact that the Bombardier aircraft has an emblem of America, it is owned by a Ghanaian and as such no law forbids Ghana from trading with the Western Asian country despite the strained relations between the US and Iran.

“It is reported that no plane can fly from US to Iran without any authorization but the plane does not belong to America although the plane has American emblem; it belongs to Engineers and Planners…..Ghana is a sovereign nation and so any dispute between America and Iran cannot affect Ghana…..Nothing stops Ghanaians, be it the government or any individual to transact any business with the Iranians”, he averred.