ARK Consortium Hosts 1st “Career Preparation & Advancement Workshop”

Quite recently, ARK Consortium, a group of firms with a common interest in Human Resource Management, Recruitment, and Training in Ghana, held their 1st “Career Preparation & Advancement Workshop”.

The workshop began with a meet and greet session where facilitators Yasmin Boama, Genevieve Puni, and Rita Kusi welcomed students, working class professionals, and HR Professionals inside the Pra Hall of Holiday Inn Accra. Immediately following the welcome session was an interactive PowerPoint presentation on CV building and interview preparation.

Workshop attendees also had the chance to participate in group activities and gained insight on the general public’s perception regarding career development and its impact on employment in Ghana.

HR Professionals from Tecno Ghana, MTG Africa, Star Assurance, Unilever, Travel Bureau and more were present to share their expertise and participate in a mock interview session at the end of the workshop.

“Knowledge is prime, you can never know too much. With CPAW2014, I have achieved my ambition of becoming a locally relevant and internationally competitive professional that I have always aimed at. Visuals on the pros and cons of being an interviewee were very elaborate. The HR Practitioners were very professional and yet approachable. Their ratio to participants was well ahead of quality. Most importantly, for me, was the patience they had to dissect answers given to the many questions that were asked,” stated workshop attendee Ezekiel Antwi-Kusi.

All attendees have been asked to submit revised copies of their CV’s for an opportunity to be selected for internships with Tecno Ghana, Travel Bureau, and Citi 97.3 FM. Selected attendees have been asked by their sponsor to submit a write up about the CPAW2014 workshop.

Team ARK Consortium will like to congratulate George Akrong, winner of the one-month Pulse Fitness Gh membership. Special thank you to all of the CPAW2014 partners and HR professionals.

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