4 Male Friends Every Woman Should Have!

images (17)Most girls feel that if they have a boyfriend, they have all the testosterone they can take in their life. Not true. Sometimes, having certain male friends can be a huge benefit to the girl about town. Every girl knows that you need a wide range of close girlfriends for all different types of situations, and your male friends should be no different. Make sure you have every one of these tools in your male friend toolbox to help you manage your life, or just add a little fun to it.

1. The Flirt Let’s be honest ladies, everyone needs a little ego boost every once and a while. Who doesn’t love that male friend that tells you that you’re looking good, or buys you drinks, or indulges in some innocent flirting whenever he sees you? You both (hopefully) know that nothing will ever happen between you, but it’s still fun to flirt.

2. The Fix-It Guy No girl wants to play in to the damsel in distress stereotype, but sometimes you either don’t know how to do that fix-it job, or just don’t feel like doing it. That’s where Mr. Fix-It comes in. He’s the guy you call when you need your cable wired, shelves built for your kitchen, or need help moving. The best part is you can pay him with beer and pizza! And bonus points if he looks good in a tool belt.

3. The Party Guy You know that guy who is out on the dance floor, having the time of his life and yelling “WOOT!” every once and a while? Befriend him. For those nights when you just want to go out and get a little crazy, he’s the person to call. Not only will he know the best places to go, but he’s guaranteed to leave the drama at home and be a ball of energy and fun for the duration of the night.

4. The Protector/Big Brother Again, not to play in to the helpless girl stereotype, but sometimes it’s good to have the strong, silent type on your arm when you are walking down a dark alley or have to walk home after a night at the bar. Having a brother/sister relationship with a guy affords you all the good qualities of an overprotective brother without the annoying downsides. As an added bonus, if a guy breaks your heart, he may even break the guy’s jaw. Or at least rough him up a bit.