Young banker made chief in Manya Krobo

A 36-year-old Banker and an IT professional has ascended the throne as Chief of the Suisi Division of the Manya Krobo State in the Eastern Region.

Known in private life as Vincent Domertey Mensah, he is now known in the chieftaincy circles as Nene Angmor Owuoadjao II.

He heads the Suisi Clan which is one of the six major divisions of the Manya Krobo state and will oversee all 13 Asafoatseme of the clan.

The installation was climaxed on Sunday when he publicly swore allegiance to the Konor (Paramount Chief) of Manya Krobo, Nene Sakite II at “We Nguam” (the Manya Klo Stool house) at Odumase-Krobo.

Earlier on, he was paraded through the major streets of the town amidst drumming and jubilation before his eventual arrival at the stool house where the ceremony took place.

The rites started on Thursday April 3, 2014 after he was captured at his work place, Prymehedge Investment Limited at Lashibi in Accra by a twelve member team led by Asafoatse Teye Dakli of Suisi Kpongunor Yono.

He was then confined for one week and taken through the various rites before his coronation on Friday April 11, 2014 at his Palace located at Hwekper, Odumase-Krobo under the chairmanship of Dr. Edward Narh, Director of the Narh Bita Hospital/School of Nursing.

A product of the Manya Krobo Senior Secondary School, Nene Owuoadjao II holds an HND in Management (ICM-UK) and a Diploma in Network Engineering and is married with two children.

He worked with the Dangme Rural Bank as Credit Officer for twelve years before moving to Prymehedge Investment Ltd where he has been working as the Head of Credit for the past eight months. He is presently the Vice Commissioner of Kloma Gbi, a Civil society group operating in the Krobo area.   

Speaking to the Daily Graphic at his Palace, he said “I am going to rejuvenate our culture and revive the interest particularly of the youth in some of those things that stand us out as Krobos and tie us together as one people.

He said Suisi was one clan noted for its quality human resource and added that “with the unity on display today, I am personally going to reach out beyond those imaginary boundaries, work with all and tap into the rich brains of the elderly and the pool of human resource available to us as a family”.

Quoting Halford E. Luccock, he said No one can whistle a symphony; It takes a whole orchestra to play it- and concluded saying that “I dare say today that the entire Suisi clan has converged; we have an orchestra and from this orchestra we will play a melodious tune that will further entrench Suisi’s unique and enviable identity”.

On his part, the Konor, Nene Sakite II, praised the Suisi clan for the unity and peace that characterized the installation process.

He described it as phenomenal, exemplary and rare.

Advising the new chief, he said, “you have been installed to use your expertise, experience and youthful exuberance to push the development of Klo a notch further and that is what your family, the Suisi clan and the entire Manyaklo state would expect from you.”  

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