Withdraw 17.5% Bank Service Charge Within A Week – AFAG Tells Govt

The Alliance for Accountable Governance(AFAG) is opposed to the proposed 17.5% VAT on bank services. Under the current turbulent economic mess, led by a failed President; John Mahama, it is unthinkable to further burden Ghanaians with another aggressive and senseless tax regime.

This bank service tax has a transmission effect, and thus, will affect all sections of the economy including the banking sector, businesses and even parents paying their wards school fees through bankers draft. In the face of NDC’s sponsored economic mess AFAG urges civil societies, the business community, parents and the nation as a whole to rise up and oppose the implementation of this insensitive tax.

AFAG will use all legitimate means to resist the implementation of this bank service tax. it is certainly not popular. Ghana’s economy is in a failed state. we feel very sorry for President John Mahama for supervising this mess. it is however not surprising to Ghanaians to see President Mahama,his extended family and cronies getting better off, as Ghanaians continue to wallow in abject poverty.

In this regard, we are giving government a one week ultimatum to withdraw this cancerous and vicious tax, failure, we will hit the street to show to government, Ghanaian discontent with the NDC government’s economic management.