My Mother-in-law Keeps Interfering In My 20-year Marriage [Advice Needed]

A woman’s 20-year marriage is on the verge of breaking because her mother-in-law is too possessive of her son. Good relations within one family are important, but to what extent?

marital-and-couples-therapyI think my mother-in-law is after her son. The trouble started 15 years ago, when we invited her for omugor [the assistance mothers render their children during the birth of grandchildren]. The first thing she suggested was that I leave my matrimonial bed and share the visitors’ room with her. I refused to to that because I didn’t see the need for it.

My husband and I are well-educated, and there is nothing we had not done to please her. She is still collecting the rent for the house we built in the village. We presented her with a car. She is on the monthly salary, and even when my husband lost his job, I made sure still received the money.

My husband is one of her eight children, and they all do relatively well, so we ensure she doesn’t lack anything.

But it seems that the more we try to please us, the more she hates us. At first, her hatred was directed towards me, but when she learnt that my husband also does not support her behaviour, she started disliking him, too.

Now, she wants to destroy him, to see him begging for his brothers’ help. She has gone from one place to the other because of us. All she wants is to see our marriage of 20 years go down the drain, and all because I refused to obey her evil commands. What do I do?