Fans Call Actress Juliet Ibrahim Cheap…

Oh oh Ghanaians!!! or should I say Africans? Growing up I was told that no matter what you do people would have something to say about you (good or bad).

Being a celebrity in our environment surely doesn’t come easy…if you show off expensive things you would be slandered and if you are seen with not so expensive things they will say you are cheap.

Juliet Ibrahim showed off her H&M shopping bags during a recent trip to the Netherlands on instagram and it caused some sort of debate on her page.

Some fans felt she was too big to be shopping at H&M, while others felt she was being real. Is anyone too big to shop at H&M though? Unnecessary pressure from ‘our few enlightened ones’ . Anyway as for me I love shopping at Primark well well.. lol… check out what people had to say about Juliet on instagram….