PICTURES: Nyansegu crowned Kings as Tigo Community Soccer thrills Tamale

Nyansegu community is still celebrating bragging rights as kings of Tigo Community Soccer in Tamale after beating hosts Water Works over the weekend.

Nyansegu, the very last community to register for the soccer event were rank outsiders and hardly believed in their own chances of winning the Tamale leg of Ghana’s most participatory soccer event.

Tigo Community Soccer in Tamale
Tamale paraded a host of soccer talent from the three biggest clubs in the region namely Real Tamale United, Guan United and FC Utrecht.

Nyansegu had none of these celebrated soccer players in their team yet managed with tenacity and perseverance to get to the semi-final where they beat the FUO community bursting at the seams  with about six RTU players in their line-up.

“Persistence and belief won us this tournament,” said Coach Maccarthy who describes himself as the Director of Football in Nyansegu.

“Nobody gave us a dog’s chance against water works in the final. But we believed in ourselves.

“They even had more popular players but we believed in our teamwork and here we are with the gold medals, the money and more importantly the trophy for Tamale.

“My brother I have heard about Tigo community Soccer on Television, on the radio, on the internet and read about it in the newspapers. When you hear that it is community football, you think it is easy. My brother, it is not easy at all.

“This competition is tougher than even playing in the division one and division two leagues. The players are many. Sometimes I was wondering if all of them were from Tamale here or they were imported from Bawku, Bolga and other areas.

“And the games were aggressive. Everybody wanted to win. But now I can only celebrate Nyansegu. The community will be very proud of us after taking home this trophy. My boys will be heroes,”  McCarthy said.

Aside the thrill of the game, Tigo’s Community Care effort at health screening residents of Tamale for free and encouraging them to donate blood was broadly welcome and appreciated.

Tigo Community Soccer in Tamale
Tigo Community Soccer in Tamale.
Mahmoud Tanko who donated blood said: “I heard the advert on the radio and I said wow! Why don’t I come and check if I have diabetes or blood pressure. The nurses checked for me and they said I was in good health.

“Other people were donating blood to the Tamale Teaching Hospital so I said why not? They refreshed me nicely and said I will get a blood donor’s certificate so I am very happy.

“My only sadness is that my team, Moshe Zongo did not win. They came third after losing to Water Works in the semi-final but we have never seen a combination of good football and health campaign like this hear until Tigo community Soccer came here so  I really enjoyed myself.”

Tigo Community Soccer in Tamale
The Territory Manager of Tigo in the Northern Region  Sir Louis Attibiga was excited by the success of the Tamale leg of Tigo Community Soccer.

“What we look for in Tigo community Soccer is an opportunity to impact Tamale positively. First the Chief of Tamale, the Venerated Naa Dakpema Alhassan Dawuni performed the Opening Ceremony and you could feel the Spirit of Tamale here.

“The Health screening was successful with almost fifty pints of blood and many people also checked their health status. And then there was the football with scouts selecting some players who will get opportunities in the future to change their lives. This has been great from the Tigo view point.” Said Sir Louis.

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