Chelsea: Jose Mourinho refused to compare himself to Diego Simeone

Nearly a year after his departure from Real, José Mourinho will find the Spanish capital on Tuesday for the Semi- finals of the Champions League against Atlético Madrid.

At a press conference, the Chelsea coach dropped some words on the highly charged meeting. “I think every player and coach wants to take part in a meeting like this one. I ‘m not here to talk about the qualities of Atlético; I’ve already done it with my players. No team arrives in the semifinals of the Champions League without being very good and there is no exception about that. If they reach this level, it’s because are a very good team. We respect them; we have studied and analyzed them. I will not tell you how I see Atletico as a team.”

José Mourinho moreover refused to compare himself to Diego Simeone putting forward his experience. “It is difficult to compare coaches. I would even say that it is not fair. It is not fair to compare a coach who has fifteen years of experience to someone less experienced. This is something I do not like doing.”

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