6 Ways To Find Joy In Life’s Journey

images (13)Life is a journey down smooth paths, rocky roads and downright treacherous terrain. Joy comes naturally during the easy times of life, but it takes effort to find moments of happiness during adversity. Here are six ways to find joy during the entirety of life’s journey.

1. Enjoy the good times

When things are going really well in your life, enjoy yourself. This is a time to build memories that will sustain you during difficulties. Capture these moments by taking pictures or writing in your journal. Keep mementos in a treasure box so that you can take them out from time to time and reminisce. Focus on the positive aspects of your experiences and ignore minor mishaps. Science Daily reports that viewing past experiences positively can improve your happiness. Building happy memories now can help you through the more challenging times in your life.

2. Nurture your relationships

Nothing has greater potential to make us happy than our relationships with others. Materialism is toxic to happiness because it tends to create competition with others. Nurture your relationships and build a good support system that will sustain you during adversity. Do not be afraid to let others help you through your trials.

3. Show gratitude

Gratitude is recognizing the abundance and blessings in your life, even in the midst of difficulties. It is appreciating the things that you have. It is savoring the moment and not taking things for granted. It is finding the hidden blessings in unexpected challenges. PsychCentral.comreports that expressing gratitude not only makes people happier, it can increase energy and improve health. In addition, grateful people are hopeful, empathetic, helpful and forgiving.

4. Live in the moment

There are moments of joy in even the most painful times of life. Look for them. It can be a baby’s smile, a phone call from a friend, a funny TV show, making love to your spouse, a beautiful sunrise or a sudden summer shower. You need respite from the pain. Open your heart to these moments and rest in them.

5. Embrace nature

Nature is good for our health and well-being. Canadian science writer, David Suzuki says that spending time in nature can reduce blood pressure, anxiety and stress levels. It improves your sleep, increases your vigor and boosts your immune system.

6. Exercise

Most of us know that regular exercise improves our health and helps us maintain a healthy weight. Exercise can also make us happier. FitDay.com says that exercise lowers stress and anxiety, which lowers cortisol levels in the body. In addition, endorphins are released when you exercise. Endorphins stimulate the brain, reduce pain, lower stress and boost feelings of happiness. You can increase your happiness from exercise by working out with others or combining exercise with nature. Anytime you feel the need for a shot of happiness, put on your running shoes and take a jog around the park. Life is full of pain and sorrow as well as ease and happiness. Those difficult times can make us relish the good times all the more. Embrace your life here, where you are now, and enjoy the journey.