Family Games For Easter…………..ENJOY

Make this Easter one to remember by filling it with fun, laughter, and chocolate.

Easter egg hunt
This is an old favourite. Get strings of marshmallow eggs for the kids and hide them all over the house. The one who finds the most wins! Want to get the grownups involved? Then hide little gadgets, 2nd hand books, or cute Easter themed mugs along with the marshmallow eggs.

Or how about dividing all your guests into groups and colour coding the eggs? It adds a little healthy competition and even more fun. You could even paint one of the eggs gold and make it the ultimate prize.

Charades with an Easter theme
Write down names of movies/books/people/characters/etc on pieces of paper and put them in a bowl. Your guests will choose one of them and have to mime or act out what the clue is. In case you can’t remember what the rules for charades are, this page will remind you.

Pin the tail on the bunny
Blind fold the player (or just make them close their eyes) and turn them around a few times, then guide them towards a picture of a bunny (here’s a printable one) while they try to pin the tail as close to the target as possible. We suggest using double sided tape instead of pins especially if the players are blindfolded.

Spoon race
Put real or plastic eggs (they’re a lot less messy) on spoons and get everyone to race to the finish line. If you want to make it even more interesting, get everyone to hold the spoons with their mouths and add obstacles.

Hop, tag, you’re it!
Instead of running, make the players (kids and adults included) hop around and try to tag each other. You could even get them to dress up in bunny ears and paint whiskers on their faces.