Athletics Coach Suspended Over Sex Scandal (PICTURED)

Athletics Coach Suspended Over Sex Scandal The Uganda Athletics Federation (UAF) suspended an athletics coach, Peter Wemali, over an alleged sex scandal. Wemali is accused of molesting young female athletes, but maintains he is innocent.

The case started on March 16, 2014, during the Africa Cross Country Championships. The coach had allegedly impregnated young elite female athletes, promising them slots on the national team.

A Commonwealth Games gold medallist and one of Uganda’s top distance runners, Team Captain Moses Kipsiro, was one of the first to raise the alarm that Wemali was involved in sexually and physically abusing junior female athletes.

The President of the UAF, Domenic Otuchet, and the Minister of Sports in Uganda, Jessica Alupo, both stated that the investigations had already started.

The Ugandan Police has also confirmed that the detectives spoke to the suspect.

Peter Wemali is said to be a native of Kenya and only settled in Kapchorwa, Eastern Uganda, as a traditional healer. He acquired coaching papers last year and quickly got assigned to the national team.

Wemali claimed he possessed super natural powers and people believed in him. People started consulting him whenever they had troubles. However, now the ‘sorcerer’ is in trouble himself.

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