For Ladies – What if Your Periods Start on Your Wedding Day

TNMCoupleWeddingHands_feature-300x140You have selected a beautiful gown and stunning jewellery to go with it. You have taken a makeup trial and spoken to your wedding planner a million times, so that nothing goes amiss; and you are waiting impatiently for your D-day. You are a little nervous but excited and all of a sudden something unexpected decides to pay you a visit! We are talking about your periods. Yes, one of the most dreaded things that can spoil one of your most beautiful moments. But you need to keep your chin high, paste a smile on your pretty face, and follow these tips so that your periods don’t get the better of you. These tips will also help you to enjoy your D-day without stress and complete ease.

Prevention is better than cure

Once the date of your wedding has been decided, you should try to find out if it coincides with your menstrual cycle. If it does, then you must visit your gynaecologist, and talk to them about ways to delay your periods. Yes, you can prepone or postpone your periods by using oral medication. Start taking them at least two months in advance for best results. Never go for self-medication as it can be harmful. There are many pills which don’t go down with a lot of women, and result in irregular bleeding, skin breakouts and nausea. Hence consulting a professional becomes extremely important.

Shh! Keep it a secret

If you feel that all the holy beliefs regarding periods are mere myths, then you can keep your periods a secret. Inform your fiancé, and both of you can mutually decide to keep this fact away from your families.

Simple wedding day precautions

Here are a few dos and don’ts for the day of your wedding:

  • Ensure that you use a sanitary napkin that will last you long.
  • Confide in your close friend or sister who helps you throughout the wedding, and also keep a check on your outfit.
  • You should also wear an extra slip to ensure that your gown does not get stained.
  • If possible, keep a pack of disposable panties in your emergency kit.
  • Besides this, ditch those heels and wear comfortable shoes, which will not aggravate your leg and back cramps.

Make it more comfortable for you

Apart from the above dos and don’ts, here are a few ways to make this time easier and more comfortable for you:

  • Make sure that there is a comfortable low-seating sofa/chair kept at the mandap to ensure that you can perform all the rituals comfortably, without stressing your body or feeling sore.
  • While packing your trousseau bag, make sure you keep a pack of sanitary napkins on the top.
  • Keep sipping on some herbal tea or ginger tea to ease the cramps. Also, fresh fruits, nuts, aloe vera juice, and much more can make this time less painful.
  • Avoid too much coffee, chocolates, junk food, and also salty foods as they can elevate the feeling of discomfort.

Most importantly, smile! After all, your prince charming is waiting for you. Just relax and live every single moment of your beautiful wedding day. These were some tips that will ensure that your wedding is glitch-free. Have you got periods on an important day? What did you do to combat the pain, and get better of the period? Share your secret tricks with other soon-to-be brides by leaving your comments below.