See Why You Have Just 12 Minutes To Impress On A Date

We only have 12 minutes to impress someone on a first date, a new study reveals.


Here’s the list of the little things you can do that will mean a lot and will put you ahead in the dating game.


1. Have fresh smelling breath – 64 per cent (reveal self-respect and consideration for others)

2. Make eye contact – 58 per cent (conveys sincerity and shows you are interested in the person)

3. Smile – 45 per cent (and he/she will smile in response)

4. Relax and have a good tone of voice –25 per cent (it will provide the confidence to create a great first impression)

5. Wear good and clean clothes – 23 per cent (which make you feel both smart and comfortable)


1. Body odour – 59 per cent

2. Bad breath – 53 per cent

3. Swearing – 38 per cent

4. Scruffy clothes – 36 per cent

5. Not smiling – 33 per cent

Initial step in a relationship can be a nervous experience, but an important one.

You need to think about the little things that will mean a lot on that first date.

It appears that first impressions are formed very quickly!