Prez Mahama’s Easter Message: “Let’s Fight Selfishness…And Help The Poor”

Jesus sacrificed His life so that our sins will be forgiven and have the opportunity to spend eternity with in Heaven. That is such a powerful sacrifice.

And as Christians all over the world celebrate Good Friday today April 18, 2014, which marks the suffering, crucifixion and death of Jesus Christ some years ago, President John Dramani Mahama as part of the Easter celebration, has urged Ghanaians to emulate what Christ did by showing Love to the less privileged.

“My dear Ghanaians, let’s fight the selfishness in our minds. Let’s help, as much as we can, the poor and the ill,” he said in an Easter message posted on his Facebook wall.

Read below the President’s full Easter message culled from his Facebook page…

My dear Ghanaians, brothers and sisters…
Every year, when Easter comes, I think of the unique power of sacrifice. As fragile and useless it may seem sacrifice proves to be, over and over again, mankind’s most powerful engine. Good parents sacrifice their present comfort for the future of their children

Real friends devote precious time and support to the ones they feel attached to. True heroes give their blood and endure humiliation for the sake of an idea or maybe for the birth of a nation.

Our Lord Jesus Christ sacrificed His life for all of us. He suffered atrocious torture for the future of all His children. He gave up His human time for our chance to eternity. He went to hell so we can all go to heaven.

This is love. This is the greatest love in our world history. We have a sacred example that we can follow and Easter tells us how magnificent the power of love is.

So, for this wonderful celebration, I want to tell you this, my dear Ghanaians: let’s fight the selfishness in our minds. Let’s help, as much as we can, the poor and the ill. Let’s have patience with our children and play with them until they grow mature. Let’s take care of our old parents and grandparents and remember that only their bodies’ age, not their souls. Let’s work not only for tomorrow and not only for ourselves, but for our communities and our great country.

Let’s love more.
I wish you all a Happy Easter! May God give you and your families’ warm hearts and understanding!

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