My Ex Is Driving Me Crazy [Advice Needed]

A 25-yr old reader is seeking advice on how to handle the drama he created with the former love of his life who happens to have a son for him.


According to him, he is confused right now and needs advice from matured readers who can reason above the mistakes he has made and help him out. Read his story below;

Dear readers, please I need your advice because I’m very close to doing something terrible to my baby mama. The story may seem a bit crazy but I really need your help.

I met this lady about 3 years ago, she was beautiful, tall and seemed really innocent, but very willing to learn. We hit off on a romantic road and started dating after a little while.

In the course of our relationship, she learned how to smoke from me; I didn’t mind because I’m a smoker, but then she started to overdo it and got addicted to all kinds of drugs, not just cigarettes. Her addiction never really bothered me that much until she got pregnant for me and gave birth to our daughter.

We did our introduction last year and decided we would stop smoking, or at least she would stop since she in now a mother; but she refused to drop her bad habits. I got frustrated, took my son away from her and broke up the relationship.

I’m now dating a good, gentle, respectful and God fearing girl whom I met in February this year, she is the perfect wife material and I intend to marry her. However, my former girlfriend who still has a strong smoking habit is threatening our relationship. She is claiming I destroyed her life because she picked up smoking from me.

She want me to give our son back to her, but I doubt her ability to train him in the right path. Last week, She came with some boys to fight me and they took my son. I’m planning a revenge soon, I’m not too kin on training this boy, because I’m busy with other things at the moment, but I’m worried her drug addiction would put our son in danger. I’ve also considered picking up our boy and taking him to stay with my grandmother who trained me.

What should I do? I’m so confused right now. Do I leave my son with his drug addicted mother or forcefully get him back so my current responsible girlfriend will help train him up? Am I really to blame for my ex-girlfriend’s problems? Please I need only matured advice.