Help I Don’t Love My Husband, I Would Like To Cheat On Him [Advice Needed]

rapped in a loveless marriage, she wants to have some freedom by entering a relationship with another man. However, there are so many obstacles…


I don’t love my husband. I was forced to marry him when I was 16 because he impregnated me with our first child. Generally, he’s a nice guy, but he would have never become my husband if I had a choice.

We have two sons together, and I think my husband and I have had s*x on those two nights only.

I’m in my thirties now. Some time ago, I got to know another man, we really connected. I think I’m falling in love, and the feeling is mutual.

I’m not happy and bored with my husband, but our families have just started to forgive us for making “accidental” baby at a very young age. I don’t think they’ll accept my divorcing from my husband. The only things stopping me from having an affair is our children. Is there a solution? Should I continue to suffer my blank existence, or go ahead?