The Way You Sleep Is The Mirror Of Your Relationship – Study

A new study claims that the closeness and happiness of a couple is reflected in the distance between them as they sleep.

Partners who slept less than 2-3cm apart were more likely to be satisfied with their relationship than those maintaining a gap of more than 70-80cm between them.

Couples who spent the night touching were also generally happier than partners who upheld a “no touching rule” while asleep.

The British study, which was based on responses of over 1,000 people, has found the overwhelming majority (86%) of couples who slept less than an inch away from each other claimed to be happy with their relationship, compared 2/3 (66%) who slept apart.


In the image above you may see some of the most popular positions, with 42% lying back to back, and nearly a 1/3 facing the same direction. 4% face one another.

12% of couples spent the night less than an inch apart, while only 2% slept more than 76.2cm (30 inches) apart.