The 30th highest-paid athlete in the World hasn’t played a game in 2years

The Orlando Magic will pay Gilbert Arenas $22.3 million this season even though he has not played for them since the 2010-11 season.

In fact, Arenas hasn’t played for any team since April, 2012 and yet he is still the third highest-paid player in the NBA and the 30th highest-paid athlete in the world according to ESPN the Magazine.

The Magic used the NBA’s Amnesty Provision to waive Arenas following the 2010-11 season. This move removed Arenas’s salary from salary cap and luxury tax considerations.

However, the Magic were still responsible for the $62.4 million left on his contract.

Arenas struggled in his 49 games with the Magic, as he  failed to regain his All-Star form after knee surgery . He also clashed with Magic coach Stan Van Gundy and made  several offensive jokes on Twitter .

The 3-time All-Star only played 17 more games in his career after being cut by the Magic.

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