Street Library Launches Redesigned Website And Online Library For Ghanaian Children

Apr. 16, 2014 – ACCRA, Ghana –In its continuing effort to provide a raft of digital innovations that will revolutionalise the delivery of books and other teaching resources to young people throughout Ghana and other sub-Saharan African nations. Ghana based, Street Library has launched its redesigned website and an online library for Ghanaian children. Founder, Hayford Siaw, notes, ‘’Over 20% of African children do not attend formal schools. In Ghana alone, this amounts to well over 400,000 children.

Fortunately, with today’s technologies, there are other ways to engage these marginalised children who are eager and ready to learn. This is why we created and introduced some of our most successful, demand-driven programs such as our Mobile Library Van, Book Chests and Book Kiosks.”

Speaking at the launch of the organisation’s redesigned website—which goes live today—Siaw noted the site’s improved functionality and other benefits, including a simplified main menu, links to the most useful pages, a more institutive user interface and heightened visual appeal.

Once connected, visitors can see the organization’s most up-to-date news and other popular links on the very first page, saving time and click-throughs to multiple pages while searching through a sea of information.

According to Kwaku Asimenu Forson, PR & Media Officer with Street Library, “Programs, Donate and Get Involved are the three most popular links. Now, website visitors can access these pages from easily accessible tabs right on the front page. Also, the Main Menu features pull-down sub-menus that guide visitors directly to their destination. All of our most relevant information is just one or two clicks away.”

Additionally, as one of the most social media savvy and globally connected social enterprises in Ghana, Street Library’s website also fully integrates its Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn and Google+ accounts via quick access tabs. Forson continues: ‘’As an organisation for young people, we wanted to make our website relevant to today’s youth who may access the internet through different platforms on a variety of mobile devices.”

In fact, according the Street Library’s founder and president, Hayford Siaw, Ghana has more mobile phones than its population, presenting an enormous opportunity for libraries to deliver content and other services that can reach even the most remote, otherwise inaccessible audience.

Accordingly, Street Library’s website also includes an Online Library where electronic versions of certain books are available for free download thanks to the generous donations of authors and illustrators from around the world. “Ghanaian children with access to computers and other devices, in school or at home, can spend useful time on the Street Library website downloading ebooks and discovering other resources,” says Siaw. “We also encourage other authors, especially those from Africa, to donate royalty-free electronic versions of their books. Together we can build the biggest, best and first electronic library for children in Ghana.”

Still, Siaw knows—and readily admits—Street Library’s work is just getting started. “We continue to explore technological innovations and opportunities that get books of all kinds into the hands of young readers.”

Street Library Ghana
Street Library Ghana is nonprofit social enterprise that responds to educational needs of vulnerable children in Africa by providing sustainable literacy, cultural resources and personal development. Incorporated in 2012, Street Library Ghana’s mission is to raise the youth literacy rate among children in under-resourced rural communities.

The Street Library pushes libraries from their traditional, static role of being a permanent building for books, to being a revolutionary and vibrant outdoor environment where books travel to the people who need them most: children who would otherwise have no access to library resources .

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