Ghana Technology University makes progress

The Ghana Technology University College (GTUC), formerly the Ghana Telecom University College, is committed to excellence in education, research, teaching, intellectual creativity and innovation.

The rapidly growing university, which admits both local and international students, is gradually putting structures in place to propel itself to greater heights. 

So far, GTUC operates in five regions in Ghana and in Nigeria with three learning centres in Accra and one in Nigeria.

 Virtual learning at GTUC is key and most of the modules are available online so that students do not have to be physically present in the classroom to listen to lecturers. 

 To help the university achieve its objectives, it has reached out to business and industry representatives, community leaders, parents, alumni and students in the community,  to work with the university to improve its programmes, curriculum and infrastructure.

Endowment fund  
To meet its financial commitment, the university is to establish an endowment fund to maintain a strong financial account for future projects. 

The projects include expanding infrastructural facilities to assist foreign students to stay on campus and attend classes in Accra. 

Presently, a large percentage of the non-Ghanaian students from 26 different countries are pursuing different programmes at GTUC and the provision of hostels, campus dormitories etc. are pertinent to the success of all the expansion projects. 

Mrs Maria Louisa Brookshire, who was employed last year as the Head of the Institutional Advancement Department (IAD) to primarily raise the necessary funds for the university and to also manage the Alumni Relations Unit, said she would use her passion for telecommunications, technology and education to make the public fully understand what Institutional Advancement really meant.

Strengthening relationships
She said the department was accountable for establishing an advancement function that was focused on strengthening relationships and active engagement with key decisionmakers, foundations and corporations. 

The department is also responsible for creating an extensive portfolio of key businesses and prospective organisations that will donate resources towards the institution. 

She said as the school focused on fundraising ventures, building its endowment fund, facilitating building projects and fostering a strong relationship with its alumni, it would ultimately ensure continuity and co-ordination of key strategic goals to advance GTUC’s reputation and resource development objectives.

She said the GTUC was reaching out to all Ghanaians and people across the globe to do one of four things; set up scholarship foundations for needy students, donate funds to GTUC, pledge money towards the institution’s endowment fund or collaborate on corporate social responsibility initiatives.

She indicated that the GTUC would hold its next major event for top level business executives on Friday, April 25, 2014, in Accra with Alhaji Aliko Dangote as the guest of honour.

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