Commuters at Senchi resort to open defecation

Some traders and commuters at the Senchi Ferry site in the Eastern Region have resorted to open defecation as officials are yet to provide access to a public place of convenience.

The commuters claim the only public toilet facility available is always locked, leaving them with no other choice than to ease themselves in the open.

“All the women and the men use the bush together. It is not nice for us to use the bush as a place of convenience,” one of the commuters named only as Daniel, noted.

When asked which place he has been using, Daniel said he uses the “bush” anytime he felt like attending to ‘nature’s call’.

Another commuter said the place of convenience they are using is in a “mess”.

She said she virtually had to tip-toe in order not to step on another person’s fecal matter.

They are demanding that the public toilet be made accessible to them.

Meanwhile, there has been a build-up of vehicular and human traffic at the site ahead of the Easter festivities.

Some drivers claim to have been in traffic for hours and are blaming it on the ferry officials for late start of work.

The travelers dread having to spend the night there if they are unable to cross.

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